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Friday, November 5, 2010

College Football: Week 10 Pick'em

Last Week's Win/Loss: 8-2
Total Win/Loss since Week 2: 55-25

Air Force at Army
Alex's pick: Army
Why: In the triangular battle for the Commander in Chief trophy, Navy will be rooting for an Army win onSaturday as they seek a 2nd straight trophy. Army and Air Force are both the only 2 schools with 26 rushing touchdowns or more. Air Force's lead FB Jared Tew out with an injury leads to my choice of Army over Air Force. Army by 6
#21 Baylor at #17 Oklahoma State
Alex's pick: Baylor
Why: Robert Griffin. One of the most dynamic players in college football, Griffin has gone somewhat under the radar in putting together a solid sophomore season. Boasting a renewed look on offense, as well as a powerful rushing attack, I feel Baylor will beat Oklahoma State in impressive fashion. Give me the Bears by 17
#3 TCU at #5 Utah
Alex's pick: TCU
Why: Defense and balance on offense. The complete team atmosphere and coaching effect of Gary Patterson puts TCU over the edge. Two similarly talented teams, TCU and Utah are poster childs for a changing perspective on a growing Mountain West Conference. TCU by 14
North Carolina at #24 Florida State
Alex's pick: Florida State
Why: North Carolina's weak offense has dropped too many games for me in my "Pick'ems" this season. No more. Florida State behind their qb Christian Ponder should carve up the Heels D. The key for both teams is the running game; both teams are inconsistent in churning yards on the ground, allowing defenses to key in on the pass. Florida State by 7
#3 Alabama at #5 LSU
Alex's pick: Alabama
Why: Saban is a winner, and so are his teams. Just ask LSU fans...2 National chamionships attest to that statement. The balance on offense, combined with the strength on D and a gelling secondary versus a weak pass offense in LSU, leads to a Bama victory. LSU creates a spark and keeps this close, but give me Bama by 7
Northwestern at Penn State
Alex's pick: Penn State
Why: In what should be one of the most memorable moments of college football this season, Joe Pa wins his 400th career victory. Unbelievable how Joe Patterno  has been so good for so long, best coach of all time.
#23 Nevada at Idaho
 Alex's pick: Nevada
Why: The 81st ranked run defense (Idaho) versus the 5th ranked run offense (Nevada). It seems lopsided here, but Idaho is tied for 11th in the country in forced fumbles (8 ff). The turnovers will keep Idaho close but not close enough. Nevada by 13
#18 Arkansas at #19 South Carolina
Alex's pick: Arkansas
Why: Ryan Mallet needs a big time victory this week at SC, and I think he gets it. With two of his leading receivers banged up, he will be looking for D.J. Williams across the middle. TE Williams should rack in close to 10 catches, as well as a TD or 2. If Arkansas can force Garcia into turnovers early, it will go a long way from them in this game. Arkansas by 16
#15 Arizona at #13 Stanford
Alex's pick: Stanford
Why: The balance on offense, with a powerful run game and methodical passing attack, will prove too much for the Arizona Wildcats. If you have a chance to watch this game, watch Owen Marecic. Marecic starts both ways, linebacker and fullback, and is the essence of a true football player. Stanford by 14
#8 Oklahoma at TAMU
Alex's pick: Oklahoma
Why: Demarco Murray is one of the most dynamic players in all of college football; a defensive coordinators nightmare. You can line him up in shotgun, run qb-read plays, draws, counters, swing passes, chip block releases. Or you can even line him at WR, where he runs crisp routes, and catches the ball with strength. As an offense, there are really no limits to what this guy can and cannot do. Really fun to watch, and TAMU will be watching the same thing all night. OU by 27


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