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Thursday, November 25, 2010

College Football: Week 13 Pick'em: Thanksgiving Special

Last Week's Win/Loss: 6-4
Total Win/Loss since Week 2: 73-37

#17 TAMU at Texas
Alex's pick:TAMU

West Virginia at Pittsburgh
Alex's pickPitt

Indiana at Purdue
Alex's pickPurdue

#2 Auburn at #11 Alabama
Alex's pickAuburn

#21 Arizona at #1 Oregon
Alex's pickOregon

#4 Boise State at #19 Nevada
Alex's pickNevada

Michigan at #8 Ohio State
Alex's pickOhio State

#6 LSU at #12 Arkansas
Alex's pickArkansas

Florida vs. #22 Florida State
Alex's pickFlorida 

#18 South Carolina at Clemson
 Alex's pickSouth Carolina

Georgia Tech at Georgia
Alex's pickGeorgia

Notre Dame at USC
Alex's pick: USC

#14 Oklahoma at #10 Oklahoma State
Alex's pickOSU


Anonymous said...

You have Nevada beating Boise? What are you thinking? It's going to be more of a challenge for BSU, but clearly they will come out on top.

Alex Brown said...

Gotta take some shots; and this one is a possible one, no doubt

Alex Brown said...

Nevada wins in OT.......

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! you were right!

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