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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Todd McShay Top 5 NFL Mock Draft

Who do people believe more, Todd McShay or Alex Brown?


1. Buffalo (0-7) Andrew Luck
 (Need a franchise QB, simply put. Best QB prospect in the 2011 Draft)

2. Dallas (1-6) Patrick Peterson 
(secondary problems at the safety and cornerback level; Peterson's versatility will cover some of Dallas' glaring weaknesses on D)

3. Carolina (1-6) A.J. Green 
(Jimmy Clausen was drafted as a franchise QB; with Steve Smith often injured, Clausen needs young weapon)

4. San Francisco (2-6) Prince Amukamar
(secondary problems in San Fran can be put to rest with this pick)

5. Denver (2-6) Robert Quinn
(freakish athlete who could start across Elvis Dumerville, creating the most fearsome pass rush in NFL)


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