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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week 10: NFL Draft Stock Watch for 2011

Each and every week, on Wednesday nights, I will update The 3-4 readers on movements within my Big Board. Previous week's performances will dictate which players are labeled, stock up/down.

Stock Up
Drake Nevis
An absolute beast against Alabama, I have been inching to place Nevis on my Big board. Similar to Auburn’s Nick Fairley, Nevis strong hand useage, combined with his agile footwork, allow him to consistently pressure the quarterback from the DT position. A 3-4 DE prospect and 4-3 DT prospect, Nevis is as appealing as it gets for NFL teams. He has a good looking swim move, and is stout at the POA. Particularly what stood out to me was his ability to handle double teams, get off the block, and make a play.
Justin Blackmon
Blackmon is also a high riser whose abilities remind scouts of former OK ST. Cowboy Dez Bryant. Blackmon has the second level speed scouts look for in receivers, and has consistently shown the ability to make big downfield plays. An impact player no doubt, and possibly the next best thing beyond A.J. Green and Julio Jones
Ryan Mallet
He finally went into a hostile environment (at South Carolina), held firm in the pocket, consistently went through progressions, and maintained footwork inside the pocket. Mallet is improving with nearly each and every performance, and since having dropped him very far in my rankings, I am certain that Mallet will not pass beyond the top 15 picks (Washington, Minnesota, Arizona, possibly Cleveland or Cincinnati as well).
Von Miller
After falling down my board for his lack of being involved and making plays in the early part of this season, Miller has come on very strong since recovering from an ankle injury. Against a top 10 OU team, Miller was virtually unblockable. The perfect fit as a 3-4 rush OLB, Miller has a place among the top draft picks in 2011. Miller would be a great fit in San Diego, where he would be counted upon to pressure the quarterback in place of Shawn Merriman, who was claimed by the Buffalo Bills.
Andrew Luck
A continual clinic of sound fundamentals, there aren’t many holes in this kid’s game. Luck continues to improve as a quarterback, and his ability to move within the pocket is almost unseen at the college football level.
Andy Dalton
More athletic than people give him credit for, Dalton has the size to be more than just capable NFL quarterback. Dalton’s improvement this season with fewer turnovers is very good to see, and Dalton is showcasing game changing ability. A strong senior bowl and BCS bowl game will solidify a draft pick.
Stock Down
Adrian Clayborn
His lack of length continually keeps him from pressuring the quarterback, as Clayborn struggles against bigger, longer-armed offensive lineman. Clayborn is no doubt in the upper echelon of DE’s for the coming draft, however a lot will center around his combine testing (especially arm length).
Robert Griffin III
Has a very awkward release and funky mechanics. Doesn’t consistently step into all his throws and lacks sound decision-making. Griffin was essentially man handled by the OSU defense.
Mark Ingram
Lacked explosiveness in run game, and has not been displaying game changing ability. Ingram remains a top RB option in the 2011 draft; it remains to be seen just where he will be drafted.
Josh Nesbitt/Tyrod Taylor
There is large uncertainty surrounding their future positions. Bad footwork, sketchy decision making, and lack of pocket presence force me to believe these two players will not play quarterback at the next level. Nesbitt seems to me like Michael Robinson (former Penn St. QB) who was drafted as a RB, and Taylor has extreme game-changing ability. It’s a notable risk to draft either of these players, however the intangibles they carry are invaluable (leadership qualities and big play ability). Neither should be drafted but it is conceiveable that they are because of their strong character.

*Noteable addition(s) to Big Board: Drake Nevis

*Noteable dropoff(s) from the Big Board: Marvin Austin


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