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Monday, January 10, 2011

Demarco Murray Scouting Report

Demarco Murray, RB, Oklahoma, 6'1 210 lbs

Size / Strength: 8 – Murray has great size for a running back at the pro level with a 6'1 210 lb body frame. Murray uses his size to see through the hole, find a running lane, and navigate through tacklers downfield. Murray's size and route running ability allows him to line up on the outside as a wide receiver and dominate corners, safeties, and especially linebackers. Has put in the work to avoid continuing injuries and gain weight, now up to 210 lbs. Is committed to putting the label "injury prone" to rest. Needs to convince scouts that he is big enough, strong enough, and tough enough to withstand the brutality of the next level.

Speed: 8 -  One would say Murray is more quick than he is fast, however Murray still can run well. Estimated 4.5 40 time , Murray can get to the edge, but won't burn defenders down the sidelines. Good speed, not elite speed

Elusiveness/Balance: 9 – Great balance and elusiveness for a 6'1 running back, Murray's best runs are highlighted by spectacular juke moves and sideline acrobatics. Murray definitely has the ability to make defenders miss, and is great in open field running.

Production: 10 –  OU's most productive offensive player to date, Demarco Murray had50 career rushing touchdowns, 13 career receiving touchdowns, 3,685 career rushing yards and 1,571 career receiving yards (5,256 total yards from scrimmage). One of college football's best running backs statistically.

Receiving ability: 9 – What sets Murray apart from other running backs, is his ability to line up on the outside and run crisp routes. Murray gets in and out of his cuts quickly, has superb hands, and just gets open. Murray can impact an offense in numerous ways, and that is why his stock can only go higher come April.

Intangibles/Work Ethic: 10 – Demarco Murray came back for his senior season, and his offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson had nothing but praise for the all-time scoring leader in OU history. Murray has a nose for the end zone and comes up with big time plays in big time situations. 

Best fit: Any team that needs playmakers. Murray simply makes plays and could help essentially any team in the national football league.

X-Factor: Can he stay healthy and take the pounding from the NFL game?

Where he will be picked: Between 1st and 2nd Round

Where he should be picked: Between 1st and 2nd Round

NFL Comparison: Reggie Bush, New Orleans Saints

Demarco Murray highlight video

Demarco Murray sick touchdown run Vs. Texas


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