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Friday, March 11, 2011

CBA Failure… Decertification, Litigation, and other Effects

No CBA… only certain thing now is the NFL Draft
Collective bargaining attempts have failed between the owners and players; the NFLPA has officially filed the decertification papers, disbanding the union and allowing players to file anti-trust lawsuits. Litigation is the next course of action (courtroom work now).

The owners gave the NFLPA a CBA draft proposal, and the NFLPA responded not with a counter offer, but asked for 10 years of audited financial info to which the owners did not agree to show. Its all posturing and neither side had enough trust in one another to strike a deal.

NFL Teams are currently unable to make any transactions, trades, etc. Players cannot workout at team facilities, and this process will take a long time. OTA's, pre-season camps, and other team training events might not even occur.

How much will this affect the NFL Draft April 28th-30th?
The lack of potential player movement, as I have mentioned in recent scouting reports, could dramatically raise the stock of top quarterbacks in the 2011 NFL Draft. On average, 3 or so quarterbacks are drafted within the first 2 rounds… In the upcoming draft, it is possible that 3 or more quarterbacks are taken within the first 15 picks. This is the most uncertainty the NFL has faced in recent years, and the landscape of professional football has taken a violent hit.

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