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Monday, April 18, 2011

Anthony Castonzo Scouting Report

OT Anthony Castonzo, Boston College, 6'7" 311 lbs.

Positives: Prototypical size, weight and height... Long arms...A good athlete who has quick feet and could move inside to guard if needed... Tons of experience started all four years never missing a game... Smart, tough blue-collar type mentality... Team captain... All the intangibles you look for in an offensive lineman... Comes from a school with a track record of producing top talent at the offensive line.

Negatives: Not a dominate run blocker... Started out playing at 250-260 pounds and put weight on every year but can still stand to add some more weight and strength... Not a flashy guy... May end up being better suited for right tackle.

Best Fit: I think he is smart enough and a good enough player to play for any team in any system. Any team would love to have a guy like Castonzo. But he may be a better fit at right tackle.

X-Factor: When will the tackles start being drafted. Generally when one tackle is drafted there is a run on tackles after that. This year there is no real elite prospects at the tackle position but a team reaching for a Castonzo or Tyson Smith early could set off a run of picks and be good news for Castonzo and company.

Where will he be picked: Top 15 -20. Castonzo maybe one of the safest picks in the draft. No red flags in terms of character. Plenty of time to analyze what he has done on the field as a four year starter, and he comes from a system known for producing NFL talent. He will probably end up in the 15-20 range depending on teams needs.

Where he should be picked: Top 15-20. Castonzo may not have the physical talents of some tackles in past drafts but you know that your going to get a starter from day one, and a guy that will probably come in and be a productive offensive lineman for 10+ years.

NFL Comparison: Bryan Bulaga (Green Bay Packers)



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