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Thursday, April 28, 2011

#32 Pick Packers Select:


Packers Perspective: They were going to go after the best available player regardless, and it also hapeened to be one of there semi-needs.

Keiths take: Has all the talents you look for in an offensive lineman and should be a guy they can develop into a possible left tackle.

ABs take: The top rated offensive lineman in my evaluations, I feel Sherrod gives Aaron Rodgers a solid starting left tackle for the next 10 years. Sherrod has tremendous feet and a great understanding of the game.

Who they should have picked: I think RB Ryan Williams should have been a guy they looked at.


Jimmy said...

I think the packers proved this year that running back and special teams are overrated in the NFL (not unimportant). With Ryan Grant coming back and James Starks there really is no need to draft a running back before the 4th round. Unless there is a Chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson, draft o-line because they are far more important to the running game than a running back. Good pick by the Packers...

Alex Brown said...

Teams who did the best last night; Jaguars getting Blaine Gabbert, Lions teaming Fairley w/ Suh, Prince Amukamara to the NYGiants, cleveland browns for acquiring a big body and wealth of picks, and New England for ripping away a number of picks including a 2012 1st rounder from New Orleans

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