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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Upcoming 2011 NFL Mock Draft

This Saturday, April 9th at 10 a.m. The 3-4 will be hosting a variety of NFL Draft analysts to participate in a 3 round mock draft. Here are the drafters for each NFL team and their respective sites (or Twitter accounts)

1. Carolina Panthers- Chad Reuter (Input from Rob Rang of CBS)
2. Denver Broncos- Draft Zoo
3. Buffalo Bills- Eric Samulski
4. Cincinnati Bengals- Joe Goodberry
5. Arizona Cardinals- NFL Draft Monsters
6. Cleveland Browns- Aaron Aloysius
7. San Francisco 49ers- Sean Silveira
8. Tennessee Titans- Walker Rhodes
9. Dallas Cowboys- LaSportsDude
10. Washington Redskins- Nick Stilwell
11. Houston Texans- Houston Diehards
12. Minnesota Vikings- Gil Alcaraz IV
13. Detroit Lions- Michael Schottey
14. St. Louis Rams- Tyson Langland
15. Miami Dolphins- Eric Galko
16. Jacksonville Jaguars- Scot Acocks
17. Oakland Raiders- Wes Bunting
18. San Diego Chargers- Evan Silva
19. New York Giants- Mike Hroncich
20. Tampa Bay Bucs- Mark "Shark"
21. Kansas City Chiefs- Jinx Allessio
22. Indianapolis Colts- Jared Counterman
23. Philadelphia Eagles- @IronLungRyan
24. New Orleans Saints- Jason Bernos
25. Seattle Seahawks- Chad Davis
26. Baltimore Ravens- Rob Engle
27. Atlanta Falcons- @mFalcons5
28. New England Patriots- OUR very own, Keith McGonigle
29. New York Jets- Hunter Buckalew
30. Chicago Bears- Michael Harman
31. Pittsburgh Steelers- Kevin Cornaire
32. Green Bay Packers- Chad Reuter


Alex Brown said...

Alfie Crow will not be drafting for the Jaguars, but is in the process of finding someone to sit-in. Also in process of getting a TB bucs drafter

Scot Acocks said...

I'm in on the Bucs if you need one.
Scot Acocks

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